Our Team
The product team working on the creation of this project is the winner of the All-Russian Case Championship, proving its excellence on a national scale.
Zakharets Viacheslav
technology head (PdM)
  • CEO, FutSafe LLC — from 05/22/2020 to present time
  • Brand manager, Happy Splash LLC — from 08/01/2021 to present time
  • National winner (1st place) of Russian school Olympiad «The Highest Standard» (Discipline: Business) — 2020/2021
Khryapin Vladislav
marketing head
  • Prize Winner (2nd place) of Global Management Challenge Junior — 2020/2021
  • Сertified expert in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) — 2022
  • Four-time winner of the Speed Skating Europa Cup Final — 2018
Yushenko Nikolay
finance head
  • Winner of regional olympiad in economics — 2020/2021
  • Prize-winner of Russian Championship stage in show-jumping — 2018
  • Laureate of regional research-conference in Economics and Social studies — 2022
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